Bike repair

Snelle Jelle Fietsservice is there for you!

nederlandse_vlagBegin March we started our company from Zoetermeer and we work in the region Haaglanden.  Flat cover? You don’t have to hunch your bike to the bicycle shop. But also for maintenance and all your other bike repairs you can contact Snelle Jelle Fietsservice.

We just come to you,  at home or at work. It saves you a lot of time and it is cheap also!  Our prices are very competitive, this is possible because Snelle Jelle Works out house. Ofcourse is service one of our most important items. Befor any repair we inform you before starting. For distances up to 15 km we don’t charge transport costs. From 15 km our transport costs are € 0,60 each km.

Snelle Jelle Fietsservice is there for you. For your convenience so you don’t have to hunch your bike with a flat tire, a curved wheel or a damaged chain to the bicycle shop. You don’t have to bung your bike in the trunk of your car because at such moments your trunk is always to small. Your bike with a broken standard, broken saddle, your bike with damaged light, a wheel with some spokes missing, you just mention it and Snelle Jelle Fietsservice is coming as soon as possible after your phone call.

Snelle Jelle Fietsservice comes just when it fits you, in the morning or afternoon. Nothing is so horrible when you have planned to take your bike and you can’t use it because of some problem with your bike. These situations can change your whole planning. In that sort of cases always think of Snelle Jelle Fietsservice! But Snelle Jelle Fietsservice is not only there for emergency cases. Snelle Jelle Fietsservice will also do the maintenance for your bike. At least once a year your bike needs maintenance!

Snelle Jelle Fietsservice isn’t there only for service at your home. Snelle Jelle Fietsservice will also come at your work. Suppose, after a busy day at your work you really like to go home and then you dicover your bike has a flat tire. What will you do? Yes, you just call Snelle Jelle Fietsservice!

FietsserviceSnelle Jelle Fietsservice always has a lot of spare parts in stock like in- and outside tires, saddles, chains and so on. When you need a specific part wich is not in stock, Snelle Jelle Fietsservice will always arrange this part for you. So you can use your bike again!


Snelle Jelle Fietsservice also has a lot of very nice accessories in stock. For example bicycle bells in all kinds of sizes and colors for the young and older people. Nice colored flower garlands, baskets for children- or adult bikes, decorations for spokes, horns for children bikes and whatever you can think of. When you are looking for that special basket, bicycle bag or crate and it is not in stock, than again Snelle Jelle Fietsservice will deliver this by your order.

Appointment? Just call Snelle Jelle Fietsservice your mobile bicycle shop at 06-37308072 Jelle Rosier or send us an e-mail through the contact page.